Lily Flowers

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These lily flowers kolam was drawn in front of my home. How is it?

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Lily Flowers


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wow water lilly very gud colour combination

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Very bright lilies with bright leaf. nice colours.

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Superb, lavender attracts all our heart, where is rajamaa madam, your favourite colour is here!!!!

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Ya, I am enjoying this . Bright lilies with sharp petals fully bloomed. Stylish care free drawing Malar!

chandy's picture

Very pretty

lakshmiraghu's picture

nice flowers..nice colouring..keep itup

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lovely design malar...ur casual strokes r too good...

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My kids usually hang around when I'm looking at ikolam rangolis and they repeatedly asked me to show them your kolam and their reaction again and again was "wow ... amma, can we also do a kolam like this outside our house?" Smile

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very nice how may dots's picture

Nice colour combination lovely kolam...............

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good work,colour kannai parikuthu.

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Nice lillies.
bright colours.

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Bright, colourful and joyous!

Regards! - mOhana

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very cute lilly mam

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thanks to all

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Bright and joyous...later on, when I recall this kolam, like Wordsworth, I can sing," Then my heart with pleasure fills, and dances with the water lills!"

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மலர் வரைந்த வயலட் கலர் மலர்கள் ரொம்ப அழகு ..

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Nice color combination... hw many dot?

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malarndhum malaraadha paadhi malar poala
malarum vizhivannamae - vandhu
vidindhum vidiyaadha kaalai pozhudhaaga
vidindha kalaiyannamae

I am reminded of this song from Pasamalar on seeing this pretty kolam Malar Smile

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neat lines,gud job,could hav concentrated still more on colouring,

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Bright Lillies dancing along with the tune of air...

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wow, nice colors, violet is all time favourite color, gud keep it up,

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nice rangoli.