Lotus kolam

meena maam, i can remember the good old rhyme, Enjoy frenz, here is the new version of the rhyme " ring a ringa roses (here it is lotus) kolam full of lotus assssha bushhhhhhha all are sailing in the water.". I really liked ur kolam. This rhyme came instantly to my mind. its like a print such a neat strokes.
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beautiful kolam with even spread of colours....
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Everything is so nice in this rangoli. the lotus flowers, going round and round, the neat drawing and coloring, cute red flowers in between all are very attractive,. In the centre star is it flower petas spread?. One thig is color symmetry. Instaed of orange u should put pink to make it flawless. rajamma
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He He I agree with u Sudha maam the moment I saw this kolam the same rhyme with Lotus in place of roses came to my mind... Meena maam the double strokes for the lotus and the coloring all look wonderful, very neatly drawn
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Lotus rangoli is very beautiful.
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Double strokes gives that spl touch to the already beautiful kolam.
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Good lotus pattern. Interesting placement of the lotus too. However the overall symmetry is low, only two-fold (180 deg rotation). Regards! - mOhana
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Nice bold strokes done with ease - neat and good :)
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