Suganthy mohan's quilling kolam

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About Suganthy mohan's quilling kolam : PRINT

This is the kolam i made with colored sand. I cannot draw with sand so filled circles with colors then drew the designs. I did this in 10 mins with both the kids by my side):Definitely not very satisfying ,still wanted to participate in this. Expecting comments from experts.

Designs inspired by quilling
Rangoli: Suganthy mohan's quilling kolam


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Quilled design is very beautiful Padmaji... the colors are also very nice-Indira Sundar

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nice try Padmaji...looks great....the center musical note reminds our blue bell inspired kolams, where we used the same on the outer bell flowers

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Thanks Indiraji n Anirudhji. I like the musical note design always so wherever i can i will use it.

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No ji's. u guys can call me Padmasree.

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Good work with nice colours, padmAjI! You could have used one less on the outside, otherwise picture perfect.

Regards! - mOhana

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Kudos to you, for doing this in 10 minutes, and that too with little kids beside you! Smile
Love your musical notes.

And, I liked your "No ji's" part very much! I'm borrowing it for an admin blog post. Smile

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lovely padma....late aanalum latestaaa pottu asathiteenga.....

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In 10 minutes with kids around u have created a wonderful kolam, that too with colors.Hats off !!

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10 minutes kolam!!! with kids around u!!!ur great..hats off to u padma..looks like stencil...keep itup

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very nice one. gud one.

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hats off for the fastest, cutest kolam.

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Hi Padma, very neat and beautiful and quick kolam and hats-off to your interest and talent:)

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Very cute & colouring selection super...

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Padmasree mam this is too good to be put in 10 minutes... very pretty

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very nice.

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The best and nearest part to quilling is the outer circles with violet and white. With the kids around, we WILL and HAVE TO become quickies. Good work in very short time.

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Hey Padma - you have done a very cute job and ultimately given us a modified Sanskar Bharathi Rangoli (I just love it).. Great work done inspite of having kutties around Smile