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About rangoli : PRINT

I did this on the kitchen slab... and took photos at different stages...

Rangoli: rangoli


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lovely to see d diff stages of a beautiful rangoli....

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good idea to give the collage of different stages,. easy for biginneres to learn.

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Very good idea Hoove.... rangoli is also very beautiful..-Indira Sundar

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Wow!, like life cycle, this is kolam cycle, different phases of the common kolam, very nice, good idea

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Kolam birth cycle is good. The kolam expects little symmetry. Bright and good idea of using kitchen slab.

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beautiful one

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beautiful and neat.

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Nice, the transformation from one design into another displayed in each grid looks very pretty

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wow!!beautiful...i like all the designs...

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Good idea to take it at various stages. I do this routinely for my CARS (computer assisted rangOlis). Why did you reverse the picture in the bottom right?

Regards! - mOhana

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this is the cool tutorial...nice usage of kitchen slab Smile

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Nice design and interesting to c the diff stages.

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cute,neat good design.

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This step by step tutorial is really a very good idea Hoove - I am sure many will be happy to see this.. Very neatly done Smile