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About handkerchiefs : PRINT

I have drawn same design with different colours..your views and suggestions pl...

Rangoli: handkerchiefs


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hai mam..nice to see ur submission after a lonnnnng gap....lovely rangoli with diff colours...

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mmm.... Bharathi, I am just thinking which color tile will suit my drawing room?

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very good idea Bharathiji.... I will ask Srenithy to do them..-Indira Sundar

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Very good idea, how much rupee each ? I want to buy, hehehe

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Intelligent work and has come out nice. I am suffering from cold. can u courier those hankey's to my address pls..................

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bharathi very nice with different colours. edhai vidupadhu edhai edupadhu.ellame azhaghu.

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As Padma rightly says,they look like handkerchiefs.Good innovative work Bharathi

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Bharathi maam these hankies look so cute like stencils... Padma maam how can u use them when they r so pretty

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looks very nice bharathi

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The left ones are standing out whereas the right ones lack contrast.

Regards! - mOhana

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nicely done

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Very novel idea n well executed.

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Hi Bharathi - good to see your submission after a very long time. Novel idea and well executed.. There are 6 hankies but there are 7 days in a week right?? - so actually one hankie is missing - hehe... Very neatly done Smile