Grandpas Sathabishekam

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I did this at our home for my grandpa's sadhabhishekam last week.
Free hand design made of maa kolam.
It was already redoxide floor so kaavi has no effect.

Rangoli: Grandpas Sathabishekam


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hai padma lovely design yaar...

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Padma, very neat and beautiful kolam, I love redoxide floor, it is best suited for maakolams.Twin ezhai with wet maavu ... something great. Simple but eyecatching design.

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Wow!, really looks so cute, bright and excellent

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Pretty neat design you have made Padma. The redoxide floor compliments your kolam very well Smile

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romba azhaka iruku, very beautiful,

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romba azhaka beautifula irukku

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NIce design and beautifully made, Padma. It looks bright with the background colour.

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padma,, this kolam looks as though it is drawn in white paint and like a steencil too. very simple yet very is really an eyecatching design

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Looks beautiful! Smile

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pretty neatly done...looks very nice on the red background

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Simple but beautiful. Looks very neat.

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oo....this is so beautiful and so easy on the eye.

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wow , it is really neat and cute

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Hi Padma mam,

Looks very good. Simple and pretty.

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Very neatly done. The floor colour adds to the beauty


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Neatly done..i like the strokes...

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Very beautiful!

Regards! - mOhana

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hai padma very neat and beatiful.

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Before the beauty strikes, the neatness of the kolam attracts me.

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nalla azhaga kannay parikkum kolam.

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Very neat. Looks very beautiful. White with backredoxide ground gives more effect to the rangoli.