The Veggie Patch - Sweet Corn

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I thought that I won't have enough time to make kolams for this patch and was feeling a little upset about it. Suddenly I had a brainwave and I took out the sweet corn that I had kept in the fridge and started putting the pearls together to make small flowers, then I added some chamki and finally added a touch of kolapodi - and all this in my non-stick frying pan. I am sure you are all going to enjoy this Smile

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch - Sweet Corn


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Adadadaaaa!!! Judyyy asathiteenga.. epdipaaa ipdilam imagination varudu? very smart.. sweet corns are shining like pearls... very different thinking feast for eyes!!

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Thanks for that compliment Vidhya - you see - appappo en brain konjam velai seiyum adhaan - hehe Biggrin

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Judy the sweet corns looks so gorgeous and will look so beautiful as a pendant... nice dear

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hai judy i don't know how i missed this wonder....just soooo gorgeous.....ennavellam idea porakkudupa ungalukku....kathukkanum nerrayya kathukkanum.....

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Judy, simpl(y)e creative!

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Ahahaahaa ennammo kalakeeteenga ponga. Excellent work .

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Ya Pushpa it looks like a pendant, thanks Smile Rani thanks (I was only sad that I had to waste that juicy sweet corn (I love sweet corn very much) as the kolapodi refused to get washed out of the corn so I had to throw it away Sad Thanks Jaya and Padma Smile

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Asathal design Judy. Nice imagination. Thank God, you didnot fry them along with the chamkies in the frying pan!( From Kitchen top ur kolams jumped to the frying pan?)

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You know Rajam actually that was a new frying pan and Anita was so worried that the kolapodi would leave scratches on it.. I had to be careful washing it off without damaging the pan - but I had good fun doing it though hehe... Thanks for your comment Biggrin

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Really our kolam members are have different creativity mind, if you give anything to their hands, i think they will draw kolams in a minute. Coloring to eyes, thanks judy for sharing

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Yes that's true Rajitha - thanks for your comment Smile

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I appreciate you for the creative work done beautifully in the frying pan.wonderful idea.Do not remove the corn . Hang it on the wall.

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Hehe Shoba - hang it on the wall?? thanks for your comment Smile

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wow...this is amazing get great ideas....yes could have been hanged to the wall if you had used jaggery syrup to paste the corn pearls Smile mom & aunts usually do with pulses for aarathi plate.

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Thanks for the suggestion Anirudh but my place is infested with ants and there won't be anything left if I make a wall hanging with so many goodies for the ants - it will be a feast for them Smile

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excellent judy corn arrangement looks like ear studs..

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superb idea hats off to u

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Ya Lax looks like earrings... Thank you Alamelu Smile

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Amazed by your idea. Your nine petalled corn flower is so gorgoeus which tempts me to steal for my braid.

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Very novel and creative. Having said that, why did you use nine seeds instead of eight?

Regards! - mOhana

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lovely idea judy very nice. Iam seeing most of the rangolies now only. Wonderful work.

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don't know how I missed to thank you all for your comments of some of my old kolams - sorry about that. Thanks Vinci, JKM (actually I dont remember why I used 9 instead of Dirol and Indhu for your comments Smile