Judy's Lamps

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Its been a very long time since i uploaded my rangoli (except virtual garden).. This is one of the kolam from judy's gallery which i copied long time back n tried on saturday. Judy am i pass?

Rangoli: Judy's Lamps


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hey Vidhya, how are you doing? yes long time......great looking lamps with nice stencil decorations..

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cute lamps vidhya.

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Hi Vidya, all were very busy last month no?
here copy cat lamp kolam is pleasing to look at with nice coloring.Enna? veettile oru stencil kadaye vechchirikkengalaa?

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romba nanna irukku superb color combination

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Nice work, I like the eight small white lotus balls.

Regards! - mOhana

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Hi Vids copy cat kolam irundalum nella iruka da kolam...

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Very nice loking lamp kolam vidhya. ur inspirational kolam has comeout very well.

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beautiful lamps.

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haiiiii vidhya....lovely inspirational kolam....unga stencils ellam superpaa....

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Thank u all for the lovable comments. Hi Ani how r u doing? yea was busy since guests were there at home n office schedule too.. couldnt upload rangoli regularly at our site.
Ushaji hows the new laptop of ur daughter?Dell only right?
Rajamata jiii (rajamma ji) epdi irukingaa? vetla ellarum nalama? Whenever go for shop purchasing new stencils.. tats why..
Mohanaji thank u for ur comments.. am honoured
Push kannu how r u da?
Raniiiii sowkiyamaa kannee sowkiyamaaa? School re-opened for children? ur sil n kids went back to pavilion?

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hi vidhya, lamps kolam looks very bright and cute.

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Vidhya I am really honoured that you chose to duplicate my kolam. You have decorated it so well with those kutty kutty stencils that they look so pretty Smile

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Thank you judy.. was waiting for ur comments.. U made my day Smile

Sudha how r u? R u in bangalore now?

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Lamps at the corners look stylish, almost like butterflies. Smile