flower rangoli

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About flower rangoli : PRINT

I was getting bored and i do want to upload some kolam to my account, then i decided to try a new and simple flower rangoli. I hope u will enjoy my new one.

Rangoli: flower rangoli


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small and bright, cute and bright!

Regards! - mOhana

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Manju maam the kolam is simple, cute, and beautiful in the background kaavi color

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Simple and good. As the background itself has given the kavi filling, the stokes are looking very bright.

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Glad you got bored - so we got a treat... Hope you get bored more often so we can see more such cute kolams Smile

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Sure judelined i will upload some kolams. As i will be leaving Uk this month, i can draw some more kolams in a very big space when i come to chennai .So very much excited and happy to attend my brother's marriage too.

Thanks padma prakash,dibbutn,jkmrao for ur comments.


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Very cute n sweet kolam.

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Looks bold against the red background.. Pretty flower design

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Small but cute.

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nice one

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Kutty & cute

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very cute and beautiful.

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aha nice with bright background

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very good apartment kolam