Dreaming Girl

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About Dreaming Girl:

Guess What this girl is Dreaming about ! May be the ways to win the 50 % quota!

Rangoli: Dreaming Girl


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I like her expression on her eyes. Awesome work! Smile

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What a Excellent work!!!...Very nice

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hai mam... as much i adore yr painting and handicrafts done by u i love yr one line description sooo much...

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Such a pretty damsel and a prettier overall work done by you..

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Nice work.

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A masterpiece art work.
This girl is only day dreaming about her lover.
If she is for the 50% quota, then she will be dressed in a modern attire. No chance of pot carrying water . Also she cannot afford to waste her time in dressing up beautifully like this , spend money for this kind of jewellery, or waste her precious time in day dreaming, if she has to wisely use the 50% quota.

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Fantabulous work. Even I agree with Rajamma Mam. As we are working we know how precious the time is.

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Superb art dear Smile

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nice one very nice. i agree with rajamma mam

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Nice glass painting, good art

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My only excuse to come here is to gather flowers
But the season of flowers is ending soon
How am I to convince those at home
How can I meet you hereafter, my dear?

Great art work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Great work.

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such a beautiful work.very nice.

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wonderful, cool expression of dreams in her face, thanks for sharing

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கனா கண்டேன் தோழி !!!!!!! fantastic work!!!!!what an expressive eyes!!!!


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Very elegant figure and expressive face! Waiting for water in the river?

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Nice work. colours are vibrant and the colour combination is very good.

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great work,nice color combination

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5n wk, u hav an exclnt talent

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is it glass painting?Excellent work!

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Thoodhu sella oru thozhi illai yena thuyar kondaLo thalaivi? alladhu Malaray, malaray theriyadho, manadhin nilamai puriyadho?yendru malaridam kaytkiraLo?alladhu, malaray solla oru pozhiyum illai yendru mounamai irukkiraLo?

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Very nice

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Excellent piece of art
Mr. .Rao is it for flower? Be frank. Mam is it a glass painting? I thought painting is done on thermacol paper .I may be wrong please clarify