Dotted kolam

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About Dotted kolam :

I made this kolam at my daughter's place where no neighbours put kolam.Everybody appreciated it and some tourists took photo too.
Dot count; 11x6. Interlaced.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Dotted kolam


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Looks so beautiful! Especially the pink tear drops amidst light green diamonds. Smile

Dot count please?? We usually mention the dot grid details in the description area.

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Good kolam with beautiful colors. Very well done.

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Beautiful. I think it is 11-6 interlaced dots. I like it -- Indira

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Beautifully done ! Nice color combination.

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This is a wonderful piece. If I look carefully craning my neck, I can see dancing images! Do you see?

Regards! - mOhana

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Neatly done and colored..-Indira

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beautiful kolam and nice color combination

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Dot Count for this kolam is 11-7 cross dots.

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Attractive, neat and colourful. No wonder the foreigners took foto. Where does ur daughter live?

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Beautiful kolam with nice coloring... Mohana sir yes I too can see the dancing figures

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Very nicely done!

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Old design but very neatly drawn and beautifully colored .

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An extremely neat creation - bold outlines make it stand out and pretty colouring too Smile Yes, indeed those dancing figures look so nice Smile

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Outer finish gives a bold look to the rangoli

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good design and nice color match

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Beautiful kolam with perfect colors.

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really perfect kolam in design, drawing and colouring. Looks like a print. that's why the dolls are dancing happily:)

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hai lovely colour combination and superb strokes....'s picture

superb colour combination very neat work. congrats

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Beautiful kolam with nice coloring