Rangoli designs

latha... that lady must be an expert in drawing kolams that's why may be she found this lovely kolam to be a sadaaranam one ....anyways thanks for sharing this beautiful one
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This is a beautiful one Lata... I love the double stroke kolam on top of this picture as well
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very beautiful lata mam. very very beautiful. i am sure she is an expert in kolams. very beautiful one
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beautiful one lata.தஞ்சைக்கு வாங்க கோலத்தை அள்ளிகிட்டு போங்க.ஒரு போட்டோ எடுத்தா நூறு போட்டோ ப்ரீ.
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Indha A.S ( Adadaa Sokkudhe) kolaththai cameravil capture panni engalukku gift panninadhukku Lata, thanks.So many kolam artists hiding in the nook and corner of villages. rajamma
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indira sundar
Very beautiful and neatly drawn...-Indira
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nice strokes...looks very very nice
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S kolam.. looking S (superb..) very bright.. apuram thala.. enaku romba nala oru doubt.. Is it you who is there in this admin photo? sorry for asking this stupid question.. but i m confused.. pls clarify..
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Very beautiful and lovely symmetry. There are many such people who are experts and yet so simple. My neighbour has a servant who is the wife of a watchman working in a construction opposite my house. She works part time in this house as her full time job is working on the construction (sitthal - now what is the english term for this??) site. Every morning she dishes out such neat chikku with double strokes that are so beautiful. The only sad part is that my balcony is too far away to capture the kolams on my camera and if I take my camera and go outside in front of their house, mu neighbour and the mobile laundry man who stands outside my house will think I am crazy (as it is he sees me taking pics of my kolams sometimes and wonders what I am up to). Hope I am able to take a picture one day and upload for all of you to enjoy :)
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Yes. Sooooo many hidden talents. Very beutiful kolam.
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Usually people in small town (smaller than metro cities) make beautiful, symmetrical kolams very easily. Even in Salem, most of the doorsteps have cute kolams whether they are big or small or coloured or not. whenever i go there, admire them while passing through them. During Margazhi and thai months there will feast to eyes. everyone make variety of colourful kolams.
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