SrIrAmanavami Special - Happy Birthday Rama!

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About SrIrAmanavami Special - Happy Birthday Rama! : PRINT

This is a SrIrAmanavami special! Happy birthday to rAma! This pattern was created using the dEvanAgari rA which is also the English R, if you observe carefully. The rest is obvious.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: SrIrAmanavami Special - Happy Birthday Rama!


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Mohana sir you have a splendid imagination sir. This design is good

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mOhananji i like the way u did this ,nice colour combination , it looks like a carpet welcoming SRI RAMA.

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Looks like the design is singing "RA RA RA" to RAmA.. The Rama Diamond resembles vafor biscuits!

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Nice tribute to Rama with Ra Ra Ras. Yes, sanskrit ra ra shows R R in English too. Nice finding sir.

Sir, now when I read ur sentences, I see that they are pronounced correctly. Now I don't feel the discomfort reading the small and big alphabet.

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nice design and good imagination.

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Wonderful tribute to Rama ,bright color combination

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That's a nice imagination and good work.

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Now that you've mentioned it, we notice the similarities between the English "R" and the devanagiri ra. Nice Spanish tiled roof design. Smile

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Sir, Great observation and thinking!

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nice design and bright color combination , beautiful imagination...

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Great display of R.. So many chakras...

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Yes Mohanaji, the mirror image of R is Ra in devanAgari. You help us to know many things Sir. Good imagination.

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Sir, Really well done, extraordinary imagination, no words to comment.

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I am sure Rama must have been pleased by this rangoli - JKM the design at the bottom right looks really nice Smile