marghazhi kolam

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About marghazhi kolam : PRINT

colour kolam made in front of my house on margazhi day

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: marghazhi kolam


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nice kolam in dark shade

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hai good design with regards

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Rathna maam nice kolam but would have liked the full version of the kolam... seems like u did in a hurry, symmetry is slightly distorted (dont mind me saying pls) cos if you notice the dark brown images like lamps are differently drawn in each place.

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Actually a nice kolam but done very casually Smile

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nice kolam light pl.....

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nice and colorful

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good one!! but could have been better with bright lights!!

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Yup - whatever lakshmi said. Smile

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The two yellow shanku also could have been in the same color like the other 4.