Diwali rangoli - lamp

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About Diwali rangoli - lamp:

Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008

Rangoli: Diwali rangoli - lamp


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good one,lata madam i think this is yours???

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no Anaga, I didn't participate at all, and I didn't participate last time either. I get my fun in "handling" everyone else's babies...but thank you for thinking that I made this one! You are in for a surprise later on Smile

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Very neat and nice work

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looks divine. also a 3D effect comes

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Is it a paper drawing/painting? If it is kolam put on the floor, then it is marvellous

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This is so beautiful, perfect symmetry and so curvy!

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Looks like a drawing on paper with all the black outline.

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I drew this with mouse on computer and then filled
colors Smile

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very cool - I have many, many designs I've made with the computer but didn't enter the contest because I thought it had to be rice or powder - I will enter next year Smile

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Next year, may be we could have various categories going...I meant for the medium used for the process:)

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how many dots from this kolam, please reply anybody?