St.Patrick's day

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About St.Patrick's day : PRINT

Hi,i have just finished my exams i tried this St.Patrick's day's design in photoshop..

Rangoli: St.Patrick's day


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Pavan a pretty and innovative design.. I liked the way you have used different shades in the background and also liked your "mosquito coil" design... well done Pavan

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hai pavan lovely design keep it up

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pavan gud one

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Yay! It's icecream time everybody! And its Pavan's treat. Smile

So, you were in such a happy mood that you made all of your leaves dance around on and in circles?

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pavan very nice. how was the exams?kannai parikkiradhu colours.

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(juuuuudy lakshmiiiii lets start the game) hai pavan what's yr mom's name ? pl tell me kanna before judy aunty and lakshmi aunty log in

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helo pavan's mummy come on line ....-Rani is waiting to see you!!!!

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Well done pavan

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suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper pavan!

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Pavan, no more a school boy?

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Pavan(Goodmorning Teacher). When shall i come to your house to teach me this?

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This tells me that you have done the exams well and u r going to comeout with Flying Colors... in the resuts!

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pavan, this is good. I feel you're trying to do too many things here. If only you had concentrated on one aspect ....

Regards! - mOhana

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Pavan excellent ya your kolam.kept it up.

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Pavan, excellent design. Keep it up.

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So Pavan is now a free bird Smile The colour of the leaves are really soothing and looks nice Smile

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pavan, i think you really needed a change for all these days. very good keep it up very nice designs.

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Thank you all for your encouragement comments....

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its nice .i like it.prathyusha

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Nice colorful design Pavan

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Hi prathyusha how ru??thank you so much..when ur comming to chennai??Sumathi aunty thanks a lot.