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I drawn this kolam for pongal festival. It was captured by my mobile at 5.10AM. so it was not so clarity.

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brindha maam, excellently drawn the design and the colouring looks very grand. the strokes are soo perfect.

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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Brindha! Smile

The rangoli is beautiful with many interesting elements in it. Thank you for sharing your work here with all of us. Smile

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nice design.

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Fine detailing, Great work, Blue color got repeated instead of Pink in the outer hemishpere...

Pongal Kolam!! I see crackers in the outer ring...

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Brindha ,this has come up very nice,if u taken photo in more light this would have looked great...keep it up,waiting to see more of ur creations...

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another Brinda here with good rangoli skills! Nice design, symmetrically drawn. Only color symmetry is lost here and there. Good job!

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Wow, Lakshmi akka,resembles your creations, brindha, nicely drawn

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nice one...need more light for a better picture.

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Nice symmetry..

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I too see flower pots and sangu chakras here and like Lata said there are a lot of interesting elements in this kolam Smile

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you did it with all design in one kolam.very interesting.

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very attractive design.

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Wow excellent rangoli with so many designs. Very welll drawn.

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Very attractive & superb rangoli.

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excellent work brinda