kolam made for Ayudhapooja

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Hai freinds this is my first upload in this site.It is a free hand wet rice flour makolam made for pooja last year.

Rangoli: kolam made for Ayudhapooja


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Ananthalakshmi! Smile

Your first submission looks wonderful. Beautiful trumpet shaped structures in your kolam. Thank you for sharing your design here with all of us. Smile

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Ananthalakshmi maam your kolam is very nice.And very good design .your first makolam is amazing.keep it up.

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Very nicely drawn. How did you get the yellow colour to the wet flour? Did you add turmeric? It would have been better if you had drawn the eight petalled lotus at the centre, not the six as the rest of the picture has 45 degree rotational symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

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i am always a fan of Padi kolams...and this is so so good...i don't know if i wud be able to ever reproduce it the same way...but yes it really inspires me to try at least once...

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your maa kolam is simply superb. I liked the padikolam design in the centre and also the trumpets. thanks for sharing with us.

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Nice maakkolam and nice design.It is amazing.

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Ananthalakshmiji your kolam looks different!!!i like the minute designs...border looks beautiful!!keep it up..waiting to see more of ur creations...

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wow so lovely and i can't believe how u drew so uniformly thanx for sharing with regards;)

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Nice maakkolam and nice design too beautiful.

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Like Sudha, I also like the trumpet shaped extensions!
mOhanaji, I think Ananthalakshmiji has used only white wet rice paste.
It appears yellow because of the light or filter.

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Love padi kolams. will definitely try this. thanks

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Excellent padi kolam, neatly drawn and thanks for sharing this beautiful kolam

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lovely and artistic

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A modern padikolam entering the ikolam with crowned trumpets! well done A. Rajam ji.

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wonderful structure come out neatly.Thanks for sharing.welcome to ikolam and waiting to see more of your creation.

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yes dear sangu uthi kolam potirukken (trumpets). so beautiful i will try to make this. very beautiful one.

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Outer design is beautiful

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wow! nice maa kolam

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I am really excited to see my kolam in the home page of "ikolam".thank you all for the comments.In our city(coimbatore),during festive seasons usually people use "SAANI POWDER"
to make the floor smooth.Usually that powder is mixed with cowdung and used.It is only a coloring agent.I mixed that powder in plane water and applied on the floor-that is the reason for the yellow shade thank you all


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Mohana sir thank you for your valuable point on symmetry!!!I will try to avoid this in my future creations.


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Nice maakolam and neat and careful work.

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There is a saying 'when you blow your own trumpet the tune is always false' - but you have proved that wrong because your tune is excellent. What a way to begin in ikolam - very unique Smile

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Thank you Judy .when I make the kolam Ididn't even think of a trumphet.But now I noticed that it looks like atrumphet thank you


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The inner looks traditional padikolam and outer Arabic Mehendi design.. Looks great..

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lovely work.

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tradiontal design with those nice cone flowers looks great, thanks for sharing