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My first ever try on colors ....... hope you like it....thanks

Rangoli: Bluebells


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Farah! Smile

Bluebells are looking great, and so is the design at the center. The yellow outline around the calyx looks nice. Please let me know if this was freehand or dotted, because one can make this either way. Thank you for sharing your work here with us. Smile

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Lata mam this was freehand as i wanted to give it a try without the dots..and thank u for ur encouragement..:)

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Farah maam bluebell kolam is nice

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bluebells and the yeloow flowers looks nice.

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Please let me know if you would like me to publish the other picture you'd uploaded. It looks like a family picture (3 members), and I'm not sure if it was uploaded by mistake, or did you really wanted to share that as well. I'll wait for your response. Smile

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Dear Lata Mam..the family pic was posted by mistake so kindly delete it...thank u mam.

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Here comes the "Bluebells mania" with difference - well the blue is really pretty Smile