Diwali Design (sharu)

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As a diwali festival ,me and my friends made this rangoli in the college..

Rangoli:  Diwali Design (sharu)


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Looks grand! Smile

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beautiful design and neatly coloured,good

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Wow brightly colored beautiful rangoli

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lovely colours and beautiful design.

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beautifull design and the borders too are very good but on the right hand side the design becase little short and slightly slanted.

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A well balanced beautifully coloured rangoli - except for what Sudha pointed out Smile

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excellent clours , designs..waiting to see more of ur creations.

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very beautiful rangoli

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Lovely free hand drawing. colors are also nice and attractive.You have great imagination, Sharuji.

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good one with nice colors, soo attractive

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Very beautiful design and colours.

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Very nice one with nice colors.