Margazhi - Lotus

eladev2005 Thu, 01/04/2007 - 10:46

pls specify the dots... it's no point showing us the picture. we subscribe to this thinking that we can learn how to draw kolams from this website. it's better if you can do something about this....

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The kolams in the gallery that you see in are from members who practice kolams in their daily life. Making it and then taking a picture of it to send it to us in itself does take a considerable amount of effort and interest (which we really appreciate). I think we need to give the contributors some time to "check out" their creations in the site and then give them a chance to provide the dots at their convenient time. Having said that, there are a whole collection of kolams for which dots as well as the drawing instructions are provided. One more thing, registering and subscribing are two different things. I don't see your name in our subscribers list. Subscribers do enjoy more benefits like access to premium content. Thanks for taking the time to send your feedback.
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sorry that i couldnt give the dot count of the kolam, this is 15 to 8 oodu pulli (in between dots) devi babu
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