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About rangoli : PRINT

how is this rangoli ?

this is a dotted kolam

19-7 inner dots

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: rangoli


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nice coloring, looks great on the natural background, thanks for sharing

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Nice rangoli,I mean a new design

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very beautiful and excellent work

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Beautiful and nice colouring. I had not seen this rangoli design before. Thanks for sharing. Come out with more creative new rangoli's like this.

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Eswari, I think the dots are 19-10 inner dots. is it?

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Beautiful design with nice colour combination.

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Nice rangoli with natural background,nice colour match.

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very nice

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beautiful rangoli with beautiful colours.

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Very good piece of colouring. Interesting 6-fold symmetry!

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful kolam and nice coloring.

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colour flowers looks extremely beautiful. very neatly drawn the background colour gives a rich look.

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Very neatly done - is that mud flooring - looks awesome Smile