Chariot kolam / Ther kolam

Dear Lata, Your ther kolam looks very good. Could you share the instructions for your ther kolam? Thanks, VV
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Thank you Ganga for the wishes and wish you a happy pongal too. Bijumini, nice to know you think so! Vani, I don't understand what you mean. Did you try clicking the blue square button seen at the bottom the the dot is supposed to draw all the strokes. If you think it "draws" it fast, just play it any number of times. Let me know if it doesn't animate.
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hai. its a very cute art. HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR
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thanks lata for the chariot kolam. i was searching for it.
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Hi Very nice Easily learn to put the ther kolam. Thanks for sharing viji
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thanx lata mam i loved all ur kolams.they are so easy to learn. plz put more kolams so that beginners like me can learn easily.
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I'm glad you enjoyed them and also found them to be easy! I'll be uploading more easy kolams now and then, so do keep an eye on ikolam :)
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Hi lata madam very nice demo, thank u for sharing. I have so many rangoli's with me and i know to drew very well but iam in UK. I couldn't draw rangoli as u all do with kolam mavvu. But soon i will upload some, as iam going to chennai. I will try to get myself. And could u plz tell me what program u hv done for drawing the rangoli on ur system. waiting for ur reply. Regards Manjulaprabakaran
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Lata, For Sankranthi I feel like taking this chariot n place it in front of the altar n draw a lit' Sun God in the middle. Woh ! Beautiful animation Lata.. Saras
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hi im not getting the arrow at all.
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hi im not getting the blue button itself. could you pls guide me
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Beautiful chariot kolam done in animation latha....thanks a lot for selecting this particular one for an animation...
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Beautiful ther kolam, Lata. Nice animated version.
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Revathi Sankar
Fentabulous work :) I am speechless after seeing it. Keep doing :)
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Hi Lata, Thank you so much for the beautiful Charriot kolam.....the perfect one which i was looking for....would like to draw today in our home for Vaigunda Egadesi :) :love:
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Thanks Lata. Even with this animation i am not able get a hnad on these type of kolams. Is there any way where we can follow the dots understand and draw? Ur answers please. I love to draw neli kolams but the look itself gives me a fear to try these kolams?
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