Simple kolam

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dot count is 6(2)-2 ...small marghazhi kolam ..border kolam also 6-2 dots

Rangoli: Simple kolam


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Nice example of using a smaller design to make a bigger one (by joining two of the same design).

I like the casual look that this simple kolam offers.

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Very beautifuly drawn.....background gives nice effect to your kolam.

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so thin thin strokes it is really very very nice

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Margazhi kolam in Karthigai ?
Single design joined in the centre..... nice idea!
I like your thin ezhai and love ur mud tharai.

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I like this. Why did you not draw the bottom design on the other three sides also?

Regards! - mOhana

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Sarala I envy your flooring - gives that graamathu (village) look Smile