Theme of my Golu is Ananthashayanam, where Lord Maha Vishnu is resting on Adisesha, with Goddess Lakshmi by his side and Lord Brahma coming from his navel. The snake bed is made of thermocol and wire mesh, which was paper mached and painted. The Maha Vishnu doll was hand made. I used brass Durga face and painted blue. On the second step, I have 3 idols of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati, which are 25 years old, and were handed down to me by my mother in law. On the bottom step, I have depicted Rasa Leela, where Radha and Krishna are on the swing and surrounded by dancing Gopikas.

Contest entry Golu 2015: Ananthashayanam by Savita Venkatesh


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