tile kolam-ganesha

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About tile kolam-ganesha : PRINT

lord ganesh has been drawn in tiles using colour powder,then buds is used to shade the picture.

Rangoli: tile kolam-ganesha


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Nicely drawn Ganeshji! I like your technique too. Smile

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excellent ganesha....it looks different....good technique....keep it up.

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This Budy Ganesha looks very cute. Nice competition to the leafy Ganesha!

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Priyaji very nicely done... I recently read the usage of buds and made flowers using this method...very beautiful

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Beautiful Vinayaga...........
Ur technic is different............

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BEautiful Ganesha. (Rajamma Mam, do you know Priyadha? because she is also using your technic)

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Nice modern Ganesha. மனதில் Ganeshavai நினைத்து எப்படி போட்டாலும், அந்த கோலத்தில் கணேஷ் வருவார்.

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A very cute and casual Ganesha Smile