Diwali Rangoli for contest

Think first is the best... good try ... it has comeout well ....all the best
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Nice vinAyaka and good colouring. If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner Good luck! Regards! - mOhana
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Beautiful and I feel any free hand rangoli needs to be appreciated as it is a talent. Since I am not very good at free hand drawing/rangoli, I admire people who bring out imaginative and innovative rangolis. Hats off to this maiden attempt and the Ganesha is really good. Keep it up.
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Yes, I too think a maiden attempt needs to be appreciated.. I am sure you will improve as you go on... All the best :)
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Nice attempt. keep on trying one day will become an expert.
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Sujatha Srinivasan
All the best, keep drawing more and more.
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indira sundar
Beautiful......... All the best! -Indira
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Welcome to ikolam... the design has come out really good... especially the middle Ganesha... all the best to you
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A nice design , you have started with "Ganesha" so I am sure He will guide you to become an expert. Yes to draw a free hand design you need some effert, it has come out well with nice colors. all the best. rajamma
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Namasthe, I am so happy to hear you I have seen many designs which has been posted by you, and thank you for your reply
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well done. the colour choices are good .
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Hello to every one, and thanks for your valuable feedback. I would like to introduce my self, I my native is Mangalore but born n broughtup in Mumbai only, presently I am working and whenever i get free time i visit i kolam site. I would like to see my name in your frnds list
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rajee sriram
Hai welcome to our i.kolam.Your first attempt with GANESHA is going to go smooth and bright.Good luck.
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Very good attempt if you are a beginner. Try more and more, you will become an expert!
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