rangoli done during diwali 2009 at our house.

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About rangoli done during diwali 2009 at our house. : PRINT

i have done this rangoli with atypical coarse rangoli powder on the cardboard and used little glitters also here & there

Diwali Contest 2009
Rangoli: rangoli done during diwali 2009 at our house.


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Beautifuly drawn... neat & nice colours..all the best

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Beautifully made and brightly colored. Little bit of glitter here and there is a nice touch!
A pretty portable rangoli. Smile

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This is simply marvellous! Nice colouring and glitter. Well proportioned. Only thing is, it need not have been touching the wall. One could have given a border at the top also. Lamps add beauty to the whole pattern.

If you enjoy in what you do, you are certainly a winner
If you excel in your efforts, you are certainly a winner
Good luck!

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow this is truly diwali!!! Has a rich look with a lovely choice of colours and glitter... Looks like a cute little rug - the border and the diyas add magic to this already lovely rangoli.... All the best Smile

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nice rangoli Glitters are more attractive.

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Beautifully made and brightly coloured

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Beautiful rangoli..............nice use of glitter..................all the best!

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cool.....nice effects

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Nicely drawn and colored beautifully...............
All the best!

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design.... unique
colorind.... bright colors used very nicely and the glitter add more charm
nice border and diyas complete the decoration.
on the whole a neat job, well done.

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simply beautiful

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Very well maintained symmetric design... beautifully done... nice bright and pleasant coloring... overall a very nice feast to the eyes

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Very well drawn with good symmetry and looks like a carpet.

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It's really looking great with the எழை கோலம் பொர்டெர்.

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Beautiful nice color combination with chamki work...


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Looks like a beautifully woven carpet! Coloring is done evenly and glitters used well! Superb work.
I think the outer white design is not going well with the rangoli.

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Brightly coloured beautiful design. THe mirror work adds beauty. The two central squares are more beautiful. The 'OM' is very attractive.

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Simple and elegant!! very nice kolam and the colours and design are so beautiful...

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very nice and elegant

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wonderful nice glittering kolam.Really you should have a pacience to make this colorful kolam. I appriciate you.Keep it up.