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Every year, our family members get involved in making some kind of arts and crafts that symbolize the celebration of Diwali. We make greeting cards most of the times, but sometimes we also take the time to make other fancy things, like candle holders in various shapes, or Diya holders to hold those earthen lamps we light during Diwali.
Here is a sample of a clay candle holder that was made during one of the Diwali season. We would also like to read about the crafts that you make for this special festival.

candle holder
Rangoli: Candle holders


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Diya holder is very beautiful Lata. Dots give cute look to the holder.......

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Quite good and the candle colour too matches Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks like wooden candle stand ,cute one .

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nice colors used and looks more natural design....thanks lataji

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Lata, I thought it is the kodbele ( the famous murukku like eatable made in Karnataka) you have arrranged vetically to keep ur candle.

anirudh's picture got it rajammaji....i was thinking why its looksing so natural Smile

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Wow this is really pretty - would love to have this for Christmas Lata (just in case you are planning to gift me something this year - hehe)