Quilled photo frame

Looks very nice. The beads enhance the overall look even more. :) A few days ago you had emailed me an image of your students' number 8 drawing. There were 12 figures in the image. I had commented that I'll give you something in return after a month. Well, it has been a couple of weeks, and I do have a memory game for you and for your preschoolers. Check it out here: http://www.ikolam.com/kids/games (I had applied some basic colors to the figures for easy identification while playing. The names weren't clear, so I could not write the student's names). I hope your students like it. :) -lata
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I like everything other than the photo!
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Jayanthi nice frame work, Inside also put some of your art work. rajamma
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Thanks...... It is not a foto. Since there was no foto ready that time, I inserted an advt picture from the newspaper.
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Oh....... Thanks a ton Lata. Thanks for the RETURN GIFT which is enjoyed by all in ikolam. I too enjoyed playing it. Even though the kids do not have access to computers, I will definitely tell them that using their drawings a new game is created in the computer. Thanks once again on my behalf and on kids behalf. Shortly, I will send No. 9 and 10 drawings.
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No access? :( You don't have a computer lab in your school? I was assuming there would be a lab, and that teachers would be allowed to take the kids once a week or so? Please please please...let them see once....this game was for them.
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Lata, We do have 2 computer labs in the school. 1 for juniors, 1 for seniors. One computer room is there for teachers too. But for students, the computer education starts only from primary onwards . We have the audio visuals once in a week for the KGs.
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The quilling job is neat and cute. Did u do the frame work also or is it bought? If so, from where did u buy it? Thanks for sharing. hema
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