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Ok friends, here comes some more borders.. Just a couple of birdies arranged in different orders to give it a different look...

Rangoli: Borders


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Judy! love birds? eppadi parandhallum joraathaan irukku.

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judy aunty very nice bird kolam .so different .bird nose is soo cute.i like very much aunty

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Judy ma'am... border romba nalla erukuthu...
birds are looking so beautiful

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very cute

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Thank you Rajamma, Aparna, Indira and Indhu Smile

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Nice border Judy ma'am...

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Good idea, Judy!

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Judy ma'am, your Love Birds are so very adorable....... thanks for sharing them with us...... Smile

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Thank you Pushpa, Jaya and Purni Smile

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Good arrangements. The second, the third and the fourth have the same symmetry, viz., a vertical mirror. Could have studied my border group symmetries and drawn the seven types of symmetrical patterns.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice wing structure as well as the beak. My earlier comment must read - The second, the third and the fourth have the same symmetry, viz., a vertical mirror in addition to the horizontal mirror.

Regards! - mOhana

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That's cool! Every line is different from each other.

Very cute birdie borders Judy. Smile

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Maam, u r really really gifted !!!!!!!!!!!!, GR8 work, carry on the tradition's picture

great work...keep it up....please post some more nice borderslike this..