Maa Kolam incorporating Kalamkari designs - 2013

Traditional Maa Kolam incorporating KalamKari designs.
Decorated with Lamps on Diwali


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It's very very beautiful...

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Excellent work. A very unique maakolam design wdepicting our tradion al art & latest oof our culture & art "Kalamkari. Well placed Diyas which creats devotion & brings light to our life. Very golod keep it up.

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looking good

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beautiful grand maa kolam with diyas. all the best

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Looking greaat

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Very nice maakolam. Looks great with the diyas. All the best

Vidya Venkatesh's picture

Very nice maakolam. Looks great with the diyas. All the best

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very beautifully done maakolam and well arranged lamps. Smile All the best Smile

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beautiful maakolam..

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my contest entry is seen in my "track" page.. but not here in this list..why? sorry for using this page to file my question..

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Very nice maa kolam with beautiful diyas. All the best for the contest. Smile

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very nice maakolam..and divine looks. all the best!

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quite unique one....very beautifully done and nice placement of diyas.... all the best ma'm
:star: :star: :star:

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Thanks everyone.. the iKolam group is the best.. .very supportive and encouraging. It is also very inspiring to see all the beautiful kolams done by so many people.. Good luck with the contest everyone

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Thanks Everyone

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indeed a unique one dear .Hats off to you !so neat so symmetrical .....

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Detroit Mami- excellent kolam !!!! blessings to you,

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Congrats Swathy. This looks very beautiful and brings out the talented artist in you. God bless and you should win this!

Radha and Veera

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Very creative!

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fantastic,novel idea.

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Majestic and intricate! Good luck!

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Super and Fantastic...

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Very nice maa kolam with beautiful diyas. all the best

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Very nice maa kolam with neat designs.

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Beautiful kolum Swathy.

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A very innovative concept beautifully executed! I feel the most challenging aspect of a kolam is to get the symmetry right, your kolam has perfect symmetry!! Great job Swathy!!

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Awesome work.. Symmetry is amazing.. Smile

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Beautifully created Kalamkari fusion rangoli! Thank you for participating. Smile

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Swathy madam, Pretty maakkolam with kalamkari design. I admire the perfect symmetry in drawing. The well placed diyas add the beauty. Smile