flower designs

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About flower designs : PRINT

design with flowers and small diyas in between the designs

Rangoli: flower designs


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Gives divine look,the deepams welcome the golu season

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With the soft texture, I feel like this is pineapple icecream with cherries on it. The glitter outline gives that extra touch.

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Lovely! Smile

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very beautiful poo kolam.nice colour combination.

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'Devine' was the word that came to my mind immediately after seeing this, same has been with Madhuharini also!

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Very pretty manjula ma'am... the glitter sure adds to the beauty.

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Looks like velvet Manjula - very beautiful ..

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R. prema

i like very much. i am always watching any kolam in web site or in the house or in the entrance of the house. ur kolam is very beautiful and touching my mind. it is a wonderful one. all the best