Friday kolam

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About Friday kolam : PRINT

This is one of the margazhi kolams i put last year.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Friday kolam


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Very nice design! Looks like the various circles were connected after drawing them. In my opinion, latAjI, this is nice for computer animation Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Lovely Kolam, Vaasi Ma'am..... beautifully finished with the Kaavi border......

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It is not an easy job to maintain the symmetry when you draw on floor with flour. This one is a good attempt.

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it looks very nice.beautiful fusion kolam

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Vaasi madam, very nice kolam. The improverd version of it u can see in JayaMohans gallery.

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Jayaji's kolam can be found here:

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In this contest can I ask Lata what is the last date for Padmasreekolam?

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Rajam madam, it is not a contest, just a group of our submissions in one page. Since the rangoli pattern in going to be the same ( that of Padmashree), the design is going to be similar, just the kind of the medium used is going to be different.
Let's say, the last day for submission is Sep 13th (coming weekend). Smile

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Lata, I didn't notice the announcement for 'padmasree kolam' entries! Still I'm searching for it!
Anyway, Iam waiting for the feast to my eyes!

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Jaya madam, there wasn't any formal announcement regarding this. If you read from the very bottom of the page (link provided below), you'll see how the idea of making that design sprouted, just a spur of the moment idea madam. There is still time, so you are more than welcome to join, any medium is fine. Experts like you can make many in a day madam! Smile

Please read:

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Yes drawing such a big kolam with only rice flour is very difficult and Vasi has done a good job I think..