Margazhi day-18

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About Margazhi day-18:

Hai to all...hope you like this freehand rangoli done during margazhi...your views please...thanks to uma :love: for helping me with the ps dots Smile

Rangoli: Margazhi day-18


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Bright and beautiful Rani with PS dots.

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looks like a painting,,, excellent rani dear

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azhagaana kolathai pottu vittu,naduvula oru appu vetchiteengalay, umavukku. Smile


Ada Ada yena azhagu yethanai azhagu kodi malar kottiya azhagu, excellent Rani dear. Very Beautiful creation pa. Lovely... Smile
Rani pls see my thanks card...

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Thanks chiths dear, profji...uma only helped me with d dots dear adhanaal only pranks :bigsmile: , thanks gomathy Smile

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o.k, o.k, rani,I can are veryyyyyyyyyy good girl.aren't you?

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hmmm apdi vaanga vazhikku haha

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hmmmmm,nambitten, Smile you are not a prankster.o.k.May I know how did uma helped you?If two of you don't like to share, then leave it.

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Ada rama...innum indha page-e vidaliya neenge Blum 3 ...hehe...profji when i did this kolam it ws looking like plain-jane... Blum 3 tried some ps dots like uma but adhu varaveeee mattengudhu Blum 3 mailed it to uma and she did it for me...podhuma vilakkam...innum edhavadhu irukka... Biggrin , thanks sowmi too for enjoying this kolam Smile

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Wow beautiful kolam with ps dots Smile

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thanks sugu missed u from morning

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Spider man and spider woman will like this very much Smile Wonderful gossamer lines, very dreamy pattern! Regards! - mOhana

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Hehe..thanks so much jkm sir Smile

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Wow..Web design kolam looks very neat and pretty Rani. Wonderful !!!!

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wonderful creation....