Thanksgiving kolam

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About Thanksgiving kolam : PRINT

Hello friends...this sikku kolam done specially for kala(shibrudha)who kept her promise and gifted me an awesome kolam book :love: J) ....hope friends remember these two episodes.... , ....eagerly waiting for your views. Smile

23x1-straight dots
Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Thanksgiving kolam


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wow what a lovely gift to kala :)....sooooo beautiful rani Smile

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wow a lovely gift,,, yellow borders are pleasing Biggrin

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Wonderful gift rani....she will be very happy to see this. Very beautiful and very neat kolam Rani. Nice to see your grand chikku kolams againafter your series of free hands....great job. Smile

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Thanks sugu, uma and sowmi for enjoying this kolam Smile sow...orediyaa....shall i suffocate Blum 3 u with my remaining margazhi sikku kolams...hehe Angel

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wonderful ranima.

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Beautiful chikku kolam rani with bright yellow border.


Wooooooooow Awesome creation Chikku Rani Avargale... Superb kolam with bright yellow border dear. Nice gift to kala mam... Smile

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Lovely gift! Rani made us wait to give such a big chikku kolam after the recent free hand series. It is very cute and neat!( velantine dotted chikku kolaththukku ippave trailor oduahaa?)

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nice gift :star: :star: :star:

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Thanks a lot friends for enjoying this kolam....kala dear...neenge mattum innum paarkkave ille Sad Blum 3

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Thank you very much:) Such a big chikku kolam . I like it very much.

I have zero talent in chikku kolam. Sad Sad I love the way our members do the chikku kolams. I like each and every chikku kolam of our members.

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Beautiful chikku kolam rani