Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2013

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Here is the announcement for Ikolam Margazhi kolam contest! We hope many of our members participate and treat us with their fabulous entries! :)
Good question. Either is fine. Our guess is the Pongal celebration theme entries might include Pongal pots and such, so color should be allowed. :)
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Is there special link for upload or is it the usual upload link we can use for this.
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Please upload them as contest entries. Select "Upload for Rangoli contest" from the UPLOAD menu options. Thanks.
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Hi Lata, any postponement of date is possible, just asked to know about it
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Oh, we don't have plans to postpone it Sudha. Why do you ask? Were you going to participate? Well in case you did plan on it, you have one more day. You have time until 17th midnight to participate. :D
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Thanks Lata, some how I was able to send the entries. Sorry by mistake I sent twice. Eager to see all the kolams, WISH YOU ALL THE BEST FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS.
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Good. This time no time for me to take part in it. :( But eagerly waiting to have a visual treat of beautiful kolams/rangolis. :) All the best to all the participants in advance. :)
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Nirmala Gopala…
:bigsmile: Thanks for including my name in the Rangoli - Free hand kolams in this year. Even though I was trying to send some more kolams, I could not because there is some problem in uploading my Rangoli kolams as the same is to be converted into JPG files. Anyway waiting to see all the entries including mine in the website and also the results to be announced soon. Nirmala Gopala Krishnan :~
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I am sure there isn't any problem, because I do see a couple of your rangolis in the rangoli queue, waiting to be published. And they will be published in a day. Thanks for your patience. :)
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We took a good look at your entries, and are not sure about three of your uploads. Actually all of your rangolis got uploaded successfully. Could you please take a look at the contest entries page and confirm if those two of yours were meant to be for the contest? You see, the requirements called for dotted kolams. We do the freehand rangoli contests for the Diwali festival. Hope you would understand if your entry gets unpublished from the page. We would happily publish them as regular uploads in the site. :)
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