Navarathri special Rangoli

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Can Chotta Bheem do it?

Rangoli: Navarathri special Rangoli


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jayaji pl..translate that tamil words..... Sad Smile

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"Dengu arakkanai azhikkanumaam! Sundal saapittu sakthiyoda pokalaam vaanga!! " :bigsmile: :beer:

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thanks so much lata....jayaji... Biggrin :bigsmile: :beer:

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Thank you, Lata/Lakshmi for the ROD! Wink Dirol :party:

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I admired all the details...right from the border at the bottom of the orange dhoti, to the plait on the girl. The littlest one is so cute, I would like to grab him right off of the canvas. Biggrin

Btw, how big is this rangoli? And how long did it take for you to finish. Did Mr.Mohan give you a hand in coloring? Smile

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Thank you Lata, for admiring and appreciating the minute details! This is drawn on a 2'x2' table. The dark green color of the table helped me in many ways, especially to draw the eyes and few outlines since black rangoli powder was not available with me.
It took about 6 hours (in my own pace)! Of course, hubby helped in all aspects except coloring! In fact, I could not get a proper dialogue even after 2 days of completion of the rangoli. We both discussed and selected this one.
I was wondering if I can write it in the available space without disturbing the rangoli. He wrote it in just 5 minutes with a pencil tip!

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wow!!lovely dress(pavadai) dhothi,thayath,monkey,baby......and eyes..all are looks excellent......sundal.. Blum 3 :bigsmile:

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Wow...what an excellent creation jaya mam...ayyo pl keep this intact till i am able to visit ur house for golu Blum 3 congrats on rod Smile

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Rani, The rangoli is not as pretty as it looks in the picture! Still, I will keep it intact for you! No hurry, avoid coming in heavy rain!

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rani , jaya is telling lies.don't believe,the rangoli is more prettier in close view.Don't miss it.

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jayaji also visit u r house and bala's house..after rain stops.. Smile

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Wow...Very innovative and well created rangoli. Every aspect of the characters are done so beautifully. :star: :star: .......:star: Surely Rangoli of the Navarathri :star: Congrats for the ROD. Smile

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Sowmya, in fact your Onam pookkalam ( was an inspiration to do this rangoli.

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congrats jaya for rod.I am lucky ,seeing this in person before it uploaded.chotta beem teeth ,hair , thayaththu,and dhoti all are very impressive.And girl's jadai is also very good.jatti potta kutti paiyan azhago azhagu.

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Wow! very excellent.Looks like painting.

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Jaya, congrats! great work. When you asked for some theme, I was wondering how you will get time when your pethi is around to draw big rangoli. But you gave me this surprise painting!. Neel enjoyed this so much. all the small small details are well brought out including the eyes and their expressions. Neel wants to know where is Raju's 2 hairs? Angel Rehana also wants to convey her appreciation! :star:
Aaadikkorudharam ammaavasaikku orudharam vandhaalum your rangolis are outstanding! :party:

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Rajam, I started doing this only after pethi left!
Tell Neel that I will take a picture of Raju's antenna exclusively for him to view!

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jaya mam enna sollatum :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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congratz mam,,,looks marvelous with a pretty theme,,,,

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wonderful jayama ...Brings the real cartoon picture before my eyes.. Chotta Bim looks so cute, Are the colours are colour kolapodi.. wonderful colour.Bheem's mouth is so real...

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Lovely jaya mam. beautiful work.

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wow very innovative and creative jaya mam :)...congrats :party: Dirol

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wow very perfect one for the Golu...bhim's tabeez, the girls plait...every minute details are very nicely taken care...thanks soo much Jayaji, wish i could visit your Golu Smile

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