Purattaasi 1st saturday kolam

Wow! So beautiful in plum and yellow! Your majesty, I need a favor from you - could you please give me some time management tips when you get some time to spare? I'm having trouble managing my time and am not able to express my thoughts regarding my friends' creations, on a timely manner, and I'm so disappointed. :| Since you have so much experience in managing your "Praja" being such a busy and artistic Queen and a mom, I thought I should get some tips from you, so please hurry and help poor old me. :bigsmile: J) :beer:
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Hehe lata...ennatha cholradhu pa...(what to say)...so happy to see ur comments after sometime dear...haha those last words of ur comment r really making me laugh loudly :D and my hubby who has returned from his night shift can give u an answer...naane coffee pottukkanum pole...raniamma rombo busy ippo....got it... ;) :p :D
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Lakshmi, I wish I too can join you in showing my support to Chandini's dad, but what to do :( I'm afraid that might backfire and the Queen would go on a kolam Upload strike! :bigsmile:
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:p ;) lata...ammu is saying aunty shdn't be asking about time management...instead work management...it seems I divide almost all :p my works with them... :bigsmile:
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Excellent idea, Chandini. Please do let me know how she delegates tasks between her family members. I'll learn and follow. :)
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Lata...its upto u to decide.... i mop d floor...hubby has to carry d bucket full of water, i wash d clothes...he has to rinse and soak in softener...ammu has to dry them,...i prepare d dishes...and either hubby or ammu has to do d dish-washing....now tell me who is doing the toughest work and who r just helping me with d easiest ones.... :p ;) :D
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Suguna Murugesan
wow great !!! balaji is in decorative chakara kolam :star: :star: :star:
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Waw!, Purattasi Sanikkizhamai SB kolam is super. Chakkaram with Perumal inside ;) is looking great.Shanku kolam design will follow next week? ;)
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Thanks a lot sugu and rajamma mam for enjoying this kolam :)
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looks like a print...keep it up rani....
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Padma Prakash
Wow so nice and looks very divine. Beautiful SB kolam. May be now this seems to be SB season and we may get more SB kolams from our friends. RAni by the the outer layer design looks like ants march fast in a circular manner.is that so? :~ :love:
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Wow Ranima such perfect symmetry and such a beauty this is, lovely combo of colors dear.
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Wow...A magical beauty in very pretty colours Rani. So perfectly done with a lot of neatness. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
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excellent colour combo and lovely design supero super rani dear.
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Rani Asathal kolam. Lovely with Perumal in the centre.
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Thanks a lot laksh, padma(oh is it so :p ),push darling, sowmi, bala and chiths dear for enjoying this kolam and leaving ur precious comments :)
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Beautiful colour combination. Very curvy design. Excellent. :)
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
very tricky question it is difficult than what mediquiz i give to doctors through my Journal ammu dear . Indeed a divne rangoli .yes as rightly sais by padma ants are proecting it by circular march by putting their hand s in hand .it is toooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet dear
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Looks like vishnu chakram...Beautiful colouring.... :star:
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Thirupathi brahmolsavam nadakkarathu. Your kolam superb colour combination my collegue has a top in this combination. What a beatiful purattasi kolam. Really gud one Rani. :) :) :) :) :)
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Thank u rekha mam, vidhs dear and priya ;) for enjoying this kolam and leaving ur valuable comments :)
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:star: :star: :star: awesome effect, very much ideal one for the Lord.
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