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Hi, this is drawn in photoshop for "INDEPENDENCE DAY"(15/8/09).this is a doted kolam dots for this one portion 13x7 in between dots.other 3 sides rotated and placed.Your views and suggestions please.




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Nice flag rangoli Lakshmi, where is Pavan's?
(I'm not serious, I kind of got used to seeing his card too, and so was wondering) Smile

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Lata thank u so much...yes he has already designed a card...which is not over..meantime he gone to school for hoisting the Flag....i think he will be back around 9am and he will upload it.

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Sounds exciting! If he happens to get one one those pin up flags to put on his shirt, please upload a picture (if possible) during his next summer holidays. It has been so long since we've seen a tiny Indian flag. Smile

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Yes Lata i will do it once he will back...now iam going to Flag hoising fuction in our colony...the senior most person of our colony hoist the flag..every year we do like this...let me try to uploaded a snap of it.iam going off line for next 1 hrs..going to attend the function..will be back soon...

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Very creative,and truly patriotic with the Asoka stupa, lotus flower, the Peacock head and the tricolour flag as the background

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Happy Independence Day to You too, Lakshmiji..... Your Rangoli looks great....Nice to see Everything that adds glory to our Nation, at one place.... Dharun was totally fascinated...

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Purnima & sumathi many many thanks.

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Pavan has stiff competition at home I can see...

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Lakshmi, nowadays you started to show your excellency in photoshop also. fantastic creation.