Small padi kolam

hai maha sweet and crisp kutty kolam.
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Lovely padi kolam Maha, after a very long time, seeing your kolam, so happy. Pls. do post atleast paper version kolams dear. :star:
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Thanks Nithya. Sure I will try to do that. Even I was happy while uploading this kolam. THough it is very small, still thought of sharing it with you all.
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Hey Maha dear, so glad to see your kutti beauty here but dearie when can we get to see your recent version... take time for us and upload at least one kolam every 15 days dear :p :p
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cute kolam, nice to see ur s after a gap maha,,, :)
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Ayyoda...another sweet surprise...maha dear so happy to see ur kolam too pa....cute beauty :)
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Elegant looking kolam Maha. Nice and happy to see your cute kolams on the floor. Keep posting more like this. :)
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Thanks a lot Sowmy, Lakshmi and Vidhya.
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