Kavi kolam

Wow, excellent Rani. Very beautiful padi kolam. Totally a different pattern. I liked those outer designs the way they have been converted into a lotus design.
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Beautiful and a very different looking kolam Rani. Well executed outer design. :star:
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wonderful kolam ranima ..The center ( i think its stencil) design is very beautiful...outer work really attractive....Like it very much.. :)
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Simple padikkolam decorated with rare lotus flower! Engeyirundhu parichcheenga indha adhisaya thaamarayai? ;)
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Rajamma mam...u won't believe...for d past 1 yr i have been trying this kolam whenever i get time....but wouldn't be able to do it perfectly...after lots of practice happy atleast this amount has come :) :p
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awesome....newer variety of lotus is looking great...thanks soo much for sharing
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wow rani, execellant kolam very attractive
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Thanks a lot friends for ur encouraging comments and enjoying this kolam :)
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Ranima this is so so so very pretty with the lovely dark brown kaavi and what neatness dearie... superb work by you. :) :)
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Suguna Murugesan
wowwww asathal :love: :love: :love: :love:
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Habbaada...at last u r here sugu...so happy to see u pa...thanks for enjoying this kolam :)
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deepa ram
Amazing Rani mam, romba nalla irukku :)
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Thanks laksh and deepa for ur lovely comments :)
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