Nandhi on Mattupongal day

Sumathi.v Mon, 08/10/2009 - 10:22
Friends the outer most garlandflowinf down is of popcorn,you can also see a currency garland
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Glad you told us Sumathi. I had never seen a popcorn garland used in temples. In the US, they use popcorn garlands for decorating Christmas trees. I see a green "row" at the bottom of the currency layer, on the right side of the priests' shoulder. Is that made of leaves, or is that some vegetable. It sort of looks like a Bittergourd layer. :)
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Impressive! How big is the aNNAmalai bull? The nandi at lEpAkshi (near Hindupur on the Bangalore-Guntakal railway line) is supposed to be the largest nandi. Next in line is the brihadISvara bull at tanjAvUru. Some of the other big bulls are at basavanaguDi, chAmuMDi beTTa and haLEbIDu. Regards! - mOhana
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It would have been nice if one layer of cholam instead of popcorn be used! Yes Lata, the bottom layer is bitterguard only. Somehow, I like Shivalinga and Nandi with minimum decorations!
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Sumathi thanks for sharing this pic with us - it is really interesting to know such facts... I can see that garland of five star and munch right below the last row of currency....
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you are right Judy, you can see garlands of Jangery,Athirasam,betel leaves,Murukku,Thatai,oranges,apples,grapes,toffes etc
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Thank you!!Sumati for sharing this with us,is this the same nandhi which had put cow dung after eating the grass??I had been to Tiruvannamalai we were told about this the story. Yes Mohanaji,Nandhi in Lepakshi is the biggest.
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Yes I can see all of that Sumathi - and by the way Lata there is this pori garland (which resembles the popcorn garland) that is famous during ayudha pooja here in Chennai which the vendors use to decorate their stalls....
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Nandhi's Beauty is the style of His sitting posture.Though the alankaara Maalai's are nice to look at,I still want to see the Nandhi in full, without all these.
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Thanks a lot for sharing this pic, Sumathi Ma'am....
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