taamboola taTTe (plate)

Submitted by anirudh on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 05:39
taamboola for all the contestants :-) Did not want to break the tradition fully, so its again on terrace :) with rangoli powder Had designed this to make all the fruits & flowers to be drawn with dots, but due to time constraint, just uploading the plate...adding fruits & flowers using photoshop. Dot count 54 dots of three lines in oval shape. Corners quite tricky, had to add extra dots inbetween in the third line and 3, 1 to the last. full PC version on the way :-)
Wow...what an innovative idea anirudh...d oval border sikku design is too too good...omg how did u keep d dots so neatly...all d best... :)
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A different kolam. Very beautiful. :love:
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Anirudh, wonderful Thaamboolathattu kolam. A very innovative idea to keep the dots in the form of a plate and creating the plate with chikku kolam.The inner flowers, coconut, elai adikkae and fruits are very neatly arranged . The thin stylish chikku kolam ezhai is looking very beautiful! ( Any engagement ceremony in the near future? All the best)
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very innovative kolam perb kolam with even dots flawless :bigsmile:
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Suguna Murugesan
wow really innovative kolam! ur thin ezhais r very beautiful! 8) all the best!
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Beautiful Thamboola thattu! Very innovative kolam, Anirudh:)
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lovely idea and design..looks very nice..all the best aniudh
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Wow..Very creative Thanboola thattu kolam. Your thin strokes are so lovely and the inner arrangement looks pretty. Just admiring this beauty!!! All the best. :)
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Wow Anirudh, so glad you could take part... I know how difficult it is to put dots in the form of a plate... lovely thin strokes and neatly done kolam...all the best to you.
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wow,,, truly pleasing anirudh,,,, excellent strokes,,, i like d way u have colored which perfectly sinks with d ps wk,,, al d best
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great thinking!what a creativity!!Hatts off!!
Mon, 02/27/2012 - 05:36 Permalink
thanks soo much for all the inspiring comments. Keeping the dots was quite painful, first i drew a thin oval line using chalk, then put dots on it, then followed the first line for others, but the other lines the distance between dots increases, and that too at the corners went way beyond, hence added in-between dots and made up the corner design. Wanting to try something with maavu paste....so this design would be the list :)
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awesome anirudh, lovely colours and strokes.
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wow, very nice and beautiful design anirudh.All the best. :) :love:
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What a fabulous idea of making a tamboola plate, and that too in this unique shape! We can not thank you enough for this beautiful design complete with dot-details included. :D Thanks so much for participating in the kolam contest. :)
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This kolam thamboolam tray looks so fabulous Anirudh. Beautiful.
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