Colorful spring

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This is such a lovely picture! Nice background as well. Is this your daughter, Chitra? Please let me know so we could fix the description. Try fixing the missing word yourself (I wasn't sure if this was your daughter/neice/someone else. :D
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Suguna Murugesan
very beautiful pictures chithra :)
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Well taken photograph and very beautiful green pasture Chithra. Is she your daughter? :)
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Green and pink picture, both look awesome, yes we very much would like to know who that is Chitra dear. :)
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Thanks Lata and all others for your lovely comments. Yes Lata, its my younger daughter Niveda, she is doing Viscom 2nd year. she only did the photoshop work for my spring photos
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Lata ji you look awesome in this new profile picture
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Wow...nice pictures chitra...cute daughter come with both of ur daughters someday to our house...ammu would luv to meet them :)
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My pretty in front of pretty flowers in Brindhavan Gardens