Navarathri Ireland 2011(4)

Navarathri pics. 1. Palani ========= (According to mythology, the origin of the temple is based on the story when Shive offered a Mango as a prize to the son who encircled the world first. Lord Muruga set off at great pace on his peacock, while Lord Ganesha went round his divine parents indicating that they were the univere and thereby won the prize Mango. Lord Muruga in his frustration left Mount Kailasa for the South. His divine parents tried to dissuade him saing 'Palam Nee' - Hence the derivation of Palani) 2. Swamimalai ============= (Where Lord Swaminathan taught his Father Lord Shiva the meaning of the Pranava OM)
Navarathri Ireland 2011(4) - Navarathri Ireland 2011(4) -


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Wonderful set up, Meena - Palani & Swamimalai.

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Very nice arrangement.