guess -10

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This rangoli is done with left out flower petals in hurry burry .Guess what is it ?

Rangoli: guess -10


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Lata dear i can't see the picture should i upload once again

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How come? I'm enjoying your pretty picture. I don't want to give out the answer but, I can see the answer. Smile

Can you please clear your cache, refresh, and let me know if you still can't see the picture.

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Thank you lata dear i can see the picture now

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Ahaa another guess game, I feel it looks like a lady with a pot on her head, hip, and hand....

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Lovely pookolam made by u rekha mam...welcome back after ur diwali me also it looks like a strong built...haha...girl carrying a pot on her head, hips and yes one more on her left hand...ayyoda...(nammaale mudiyaadhuppa)i can't carry even one pa...:D Biggrin Lol

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Hello Rani mam copy yellam pannakudathu theriyuma (do not copy) Smile

ammuchandhini's picture copy wopy da push...somehow first i thought it to be some cartoon character...but after some mins felt it like a lady with pots...only when i saved d comments saw u too had given d same ans...haha...aanaa ennappa...if rekha mam gives some awards or rewards lets share them pa...since lata has happily odungified like a samathu kutty...:):):)

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Hi Ranima, ya pa even me first I thought it was a cartoon character, then I looked more closely and saw the lady, hmm great minds think alike I suppose.

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wowooow... reka mam... Definitely I am not.. (ha hahahaa), great mam.. very nice thinking… I think the girl take one pot in hand, then head and hip…. (walking pose na)… Rani mam, Eppadi parthalum, ethanai time parthalum, I think ithan answer., rathai (group of girls) (one tamil story),

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Yes julien this is d answer ..if rekha mam had drawn keeping u in mind there would be a small girl on ur right side...aathiraikkaaga...haha...everybody is sure.. even sowmi too....however she escapes by saying i cannot guess nu...haha...but i don't know about that radhai story pa...which u r talking about...

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Dr Rekha welcome back with your guess game... lovely flower arrangement done by you...will wait for your know I cannot guess any thing.:):)

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Rekha mam, is this Hanuman picture!

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nice imagination & gud execution

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Hi friends, so another guess gaming by our GGJ. Same like Pushpa, Rani and Julien, I too feel that a lady carrying pot on her head, Hip and hand. (No copying from you Pushpa, Rani & Julien).

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good imagination and creation rekha.

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Rekha Mam I too feel that A lady holding pots upon her head and hands?

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i can see the answer Smile

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Congrats rani ,pushpa ,july ,maha ,radhika ,Lata yes indeed itis a Rajasthani hard working lady carrying three pots of water at a time as rightly mentioned by u .Thank u very much friends for participating in this guess game .By the way Maha dear what is this GGJ stands for ?

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You forgot it?????? You remember our dear Vasanthi named you as GGJ - Guessing Game Jerry. Wait. I'll complain about you to her. Ha ha ha.

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nIra hotta nIrajANE Smile ...remembering one of the PBSrinivas famous duet with S.Janaki from movie Gange-Gowri.

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Maha please please please don't tell her hum tho haise bi marajahenghe .By the way where our vasanthi disappeared?let me find out

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Nice flower arrangement and a guess game. Could not participate though.

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Looks like a jaundiced cat Smile - Regards! - mOhana

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JKM sir, I'm laughing after seeing your reply.

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woooooooooow rao sir jaundiced cat what an imagination .See see how our maha is laughing apne peat pakdkar .....