Ayudha Pooja Rangoli

jasree Mon, 10/10/2011 - 16:46

Hi jasree...welcome back dear...missed u a loottt.....awesome and biig rangoli created by ur team....eagerly waiting to see ur kolams too pa...
Wed, 10/12/2011 - 06:28 Permalink

Hi Jasree, missed u a lot in I-Kolam. Hope everything is fine at your end. Marvellous Rangoli done by you and your friends.
Wed, 10/12/2011 - 21:22 Permalink

Hi Jayanthi, so good to see you after such a long gap and what a come back you have made dear with this wonderful awesome freehand pattern. Too good dear and well deserved rangoli of the day title to your colorful kolam. Regards to your friend as well.
Wed, 10/12/2011 - 23:03 Permalink
Padma Prakash

Wow, you are back. Waiting to see your beautiful kolams. The freehand design is superb with apt use of stencil and good colour combo.
Thu, 10/13/2011 - 01:24 Permalink

hai jayasree. very good rangoli. its look like carpet . beautiful colour combination. how much taken to complete the same?
Thu, 10/13/2011 - 08:46 Permalink