Our 13th Navaratri Golu

Submitted by mohanak on Fri, 10/14/2011 - 04:17
Ours is the 13th year of Golu, with 11 main steps, and 5 semi circular steps on either side, making it to a total of 21 steps. This arrangement besides being noval, also serves as a space server. The Golu Pommai consists of traditional dolls, right from dasavatharam to Geethopadesam, to manu nidhi Cholan to kannapiran, to ramayana set, adhi shankara with his disciples and many others. The PanchaMugha Anchaneya and Pillayar is the center piece of attraction, and Pillayars in every step is another attraction. Special lighting effects by LED lighting enhanced the look and enjoyed bye everybody.

Wow, wow, wow...... Such a detailed version of Golu arrangement. I liked these semi circle shaped Golu steps. As said by you rightly, it is a space saver also. Is that Rangoli a portable one? Can you please upload a close view your rangoli seperately? Also, can u upload the pictures of your pancha mugha anjaneya seperately, because in this distant view, I'm unable to figure out the same? The entire set up gives a divine look and gives a feel as if we are in a temple. Romba deivigama irukku. I also liked those decorative screens on the top and both the sides. On the whole, it is fantastic arrangment. All the best and keep it up.
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Dear all. Thanks a lot for all your appreciations. The 11 steps of the main golu and the semi circular side steps were made by my husband. The rangoli is a kind of permenant one, in the sense that it was made on a circular plywood cut to size, and each colour segment was separated by masking tape from mixing with the adjacent one, and one colour was first completed to be followed by the next one after a 24 hour dry up. Each colour as said was a double coat to get the desired texture, before the next was proceeded with. The whole project so to say took a week or so to complete. The material used for kolam is coloured sand, and side of course is decorated with borders. You can keep this for years on end, carefully preserved. I will upload the Pictures as desired separately. and the half round circle steps are also made of ply wood tops ( * feet 4 feet - 3/4 inch thick plywood cut in semi circles and stood on folding wooden stand , upholstered with cloth on top and pleated draperies. When I dismantle the set up, I will upload the photos of the semicircular steps for the benefit of the members, in case they wish to make one. I must say, it is the encouragement I receive from your kind words, that makes me strive for more. I thank you all once again, Best wishes, Moham Krishnamurthy
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Excellent golu set up. Those decorative semicircular design is the centre of attraction. Very detailed golu on the whole. All the best for the contests.
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A grand and unique arrangement of dolls!! It is simply divine. Very good effort. The rangoli too looks attractive. pl send a separate picture of the rangoli. All the best!!
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Chethan Srinivasan

Excellent arrangement of Dolls and a very good collection. Very neatly arranged. Admire your patience is putting all this together. All the very best.
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Absolutely stunning. Beautiful arrangements. Love the idea of circular steps. How did you make it. It would very nice if you can please upload close up pics of bommais.. haven't even heard of some of the dolls you have mentioned. I love yours the best. I hope you win the contest. Best of luck !!!
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Radhikha 3

wow .. no words to say superb .. superb .. looks grand and arrangements on both sides is a different one . great work all the best.
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Wow What to say? Super fentastic Novel idea of semicircle design/ I like to see the Rangoli photo in a closeup. Nice very nice. viji
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Sear all, Thanks a lot for appreciating our Golu. I am so happy. Golu padi of 11 steps and the semi circular steps by the both sides are made by my husband. The Rangoi was made by me. It is a 13to8 dots kolam. I will upload the closeup of that kolam. All the clothes are bought and stiched from Chennai. We will upload the closeup of the Panchamuga Anjaneyar also. Thanks a lot, Mohana
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Dear Moham mam, Thanks for your details. I am really looking forward for semi circles playwood thing as I Have to make new steps for next year. This year Golu steps were made from a old kitchen cabinet by my husband and I threw it after the golu. Please upload individul pics of your golu. I appreciate your rangoli idea also, even i want to do one permanent one. Did you use craft acrylic paints? Please upload the close up pic of rangoli too. Thanks Arthy
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Mam, Also please tell me where did you get the satin ribbon Maalai? (in chennai means, which area?) Thanks Arthy
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Wooooooow such a grand display of golus and such a vastly done golu. I admire your effort and appreciate your interest in display it for us. Thank you for this treat.
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Excellent Grand and divine golu.Semicirle arrangement is a good idea.thanks once again for the visual treat and waiting for a close picture of the rangoli.
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What a grand submission this is! I had also admired your golu last year, and I can see that you have expanded the golu both on the right and the left. The arrangement of circular floor display also looks grand. I see that too has grown in size from last. :0 Nice addition of background drapes this year. While the rangoli is the same as last year's, it still looks very pretty. I miss the blonde boy dressed in yellow and blue. Hope he is doing fine. Thank you so much for participating in our annual Golu competition. I see that you'd given a link to some of your pictures in another gallery. We do not allow links from our galleries, so kindly whenever time permits, please upload a few pictures in ikolam.
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Hi maam, Congrajulations on winning the golu contest. Beautiful arrangement, Colourful and Neat. Happy diwali .
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Dear All, Thanks for the best wishes conveyed by all of you on the contest results, and I feel great. Now to stand where you have all put me, I realize, I have to do more and something different all the time. I will try my best always. I also observe, some other members have also done extremely well and unique. Kudos to them. The close up of Panchamuga Anjaneyar and Simhavahana Panchamuga Pillaiyar and the Kolam will appear shortly in this site. The Admin is at it now. I am awestruck at the keen observation of some members. Yes, the kolam is the same as the last year's - only difference it is now permanent. The last years kolam colors had permeated into the wood and could not be sanded out. Therefore I decided to do the same, but this time around with a different technique of making it permanent. Once again thanking you all, and with our best wishes for Diwali. Mohana.K
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Padma Prakash

Congratulations !!!!!!!! Splendid Golu and deserves the prize. Fantastic and Awesome arrangement.
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