2011 Golu - By Raghuveer, Manase, Sumathi & Kailash

Golu at our house is tradition that has been in practice for generations together. It also is a joint effort. What started as a small Golu when we were newly married in 2005 has grown to a full fledged traditional golu in the yeas that followed. In spite of being a working mom with 2 kids, we have always had the time and interest to create a theme every year for the golu. My daughter had visited Thirupathi last summer along with her dad and she was fascinated by the experience. So this year we chose Thirpathi as the theme keeping in mind the tamil month Purattasi as well, and painstakingly collected dolls related to the theme. Quite an effort it was. Then came the ideation and conceptualization phase which took us a few days and what you see here is the end result. The very natural looking mountain is made out of craft paper and very light in weight. We also wanted to put good use of the Bharatha Matha / Nehru which were handed down by my Grand Mother in law. The dolls are around 60 years old. So we chose to depict India and since the back bone of India is agriculture we have depicted that, Our daughter willingly shared her train set using which we have made the Thriupathi railway station. The Kathakali face Rangoli is done using pulses and acrylic colors depicts lord Rama. My little son who is 7 months old, is captivated by the colors and is always seen making a mad dash to the Golu , with my daugther in her pavadai / chattai running behing him which completes the picture Smile

May you blessed by Godess Shakthi this Navarathri and in the years that follow as well.


radhika64's picture

the park looks really good. lot of thinking has gone into it!

vijaysowmya's picture

Very nice arrangement of the dolls. that thirumala theme looks pretty.A nice kathakali face drawn for the golu. A very nice write up by you. all the best for the contest.

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wow!!looks grand.park looks very nice...All the best

veena manigandan's picture

Tirupati is really nice. Good effort.

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Very nice temple arrangement.

ammuchandhini's picture

Very neat arrangement...all d best:)

smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, Very interesting write up about the making of Golu 2011 by you and your family members. Nice team effort. I love this Thirumala set up very much. Looks so natural and realistic. Very nice Rangoli with Kathakali face.
Very nice Golu arrangment and decorations done by you besides being a working mom with 2 kids. Applauds.
All the best and keep it up.

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Lovely arrangement and glad to know about the story behind this. All the best.

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Nice Golu dear. Having two little children, manging the Golu will be a hard task for you i know.
The Rangoli is nice. Nice arrangements.

chandy's picture

everything lovely

Janakannan's picture

Very nice. The Tirupathi theme is very good. Kudos to your kids who were part of this.

Radhikha 3's picture

very neat arrangement and nice thirumala and water falls below that.. and hatts off to you being a working women you have done a great job all the best.

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wow nice decoration n thirmala theme! all the best for ur family!

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Very nice effort of your family. Tirumala set is more beautiful. All the best.

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very nice golu i liked the tirumala set the most.....!!!all the best....!!!!

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Thirumala is very nice...

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Good write up and a great effort.Parattukal

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Superb Kathakali rangoli in pulses!
You're lucky to own dolls that are 60yrs old! Very nicely done Thirupathy theme. Kathakali rangoli looks amazing!

Thank you for participating in our Navratri contest.
Wish you a happy and a prosperous Diwali.:)

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pretty ....